The Excentr Method The Method of the Future

Excentr is a young Dutch manufacturer of innovative cleaning machines. Since the start of 2015, we have been active worldwide and we have been telling professionals, mostly in the cleaning sector, of the “Excentr method”.

We develop machines with the following spearheads: durability, robustness and effectiveness. That is why the machine parts are of the toughest quality. It is also why our machines are almost entirely made of stainless steel. We manufacture our machines with the greatest of care and are convinced of their reliability.

All of our machines have a minimum 12-month warranty and they even have a LIFETIME warranty if under a service contract. Excentr produces the Excentr machines and accessories in Goes, Zeeland.

(Deep) Stripping

Effective: 2800 movements per minute

The Excentr method takes the cleaning, stripping, polishing or renovation of floors to a whole new level. The level of effectiveness is unprecedented thanks to the 2 800 movements per minute and the maximum pad pressure of 140 kg.

Ergonomic: Easy to use anywhere

The perfect balance makes working with the Excentr machines a piece of cake, as you can move the machines in your desired direction without encountering almost any resistance. The adjustable handle makes for a responsible posture.

Durable: Dutch made machines

Fully blasted stainless steel, extra heavy eccentric, and extra heavy rubbers, are a few of the points of emphasis that we have consciously incorporated into our designs in order to get ‘’Dutch made’’ machines.
Excentr Academy

Excentr Academy

Training is a good idea if you wish to achieve the best possible results with the products recommended by Excentr. We are happy to pass our knowledge on to you. We offer training that is suitable to your specific needs, either on site or at the Excentr premises.

Excentr Diamond System

Excentr Diamond System

The Excentr Diamond System is a new concept, which consists of pads, sheets and strips (metal-bound diamond strips). The active parts in the pads, sheets, and strips of the Excentr Diamond System guarantee a continuous effect, a high performance and a long service life.