Excentr Academy

“Prevention is better than cure” is a well-known expression that fits Excentr well. Good advice can avoid a lot of trouble and damage. There is always a solution to your specific cleaning problem. Excentr can visit you to see what the problems are. You will then receive sound advice based on our findings.

Training and workshops
Training is a good idea if you wish to achieve the best possible results with the products recommended by Excentr. We are happy to pass our knowledge on to you. We offer training that is suitable to your specific needs, either on site or at the Excentr premises. We recommend all our customers to take a workshop to get to know all the machine’s possibilities.

To ensure that you choose the cleaning equipment that gives the maximum result for your situation, Excentr gives demonstrations, free of charge and without any obligation on your part. A demonstration can be given either on site or in the Experience Centre in Goes, the Netherlands.