Excentr Diamond System (EDS)

The Excentr Diamond System is a new concept, which consists of pads, sheets and strips (metal-bound diamond strips). The active parts in the pads, sheets and strips of the Excentr Diamond System guarantee a continuous effect, a high performance and a long service life.

The Excentr Diamond System can be used to renovate, polish, sand, grind and prepare surfaces. This system can be used to polish surfaces to a high-gloss finish. The use of chemical products is often not necessary, which makes the EDS a very environmentally-friendly system.

Advantages of the system
- Greater mechanical power (thin pads, which leads to the direct transfer of energy)
- Renovation without an orange-peel effect
- No chemicals (only uses water)
- Simple and easy-to-follow steps
- Small risk of method errors
- Cost efficient

EDS pads
The EDS Pads can be used to clean, maintain, renovate and finish (polished) floors. Natural stone can be renovated in a more traditional method in three steps. The pads can also be used in combination with the EDS Metal Strips.

EDS metal strips
The EDS Metal strips are intended for use by advanced users. They are more aggressive and are used for grinding (sanding) and preparing various types of floor.

The EDS Metal Strips are usually used when there are deeper scratches, acid splashes or other difficult blemishes in the surface. These strips are more aggressive and work more deeply than the EDS Pads. The EDS Metal Strips are also used when a higher-quality finish is required and they allow you to produce a finish without the orange-peel effect.

The strips can also be used to remove glue residue or coatings, and to prepare concrete floors. The EDS Metal Strips offer you a wide range of possibilities.