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Excentr 30-20+

The Excentr 30-20+ is the heavy-duty version of the Excentr 30-20. The 30-20+ is ideal for both regular basic cleaning and periodic extreme deep cleaning, the more rigorous work. Thanks to its rectangular shape, this machine is ideal for cleaning along/against skirting boards. The machine also easily cleans right into the corners. The 30-20+ has a removable power cable to give you greater flexibility. If the power cable is damaged, you do not need an electrician to replace it.

Since the 30-20+ can also be used without weights, it is a great machine to use on stairs and uneven floors. Just as the other Excentr machines, this machine is also extremely sturdy and made entirely from stainless steel.

The basic 30-20+ model weighs 17 kg, but it can be made heavier by adding weights. The maximum pad pressure after adding these weights is 30 kg. Thanks to its flexible construction, the 30-20+ is easy to lift.

Ergonomics and transport
The large rear wheels ensure a perfect balance and hardly produce any vibrations. It is a very ergonomic machine. The 30-20+ is, therefore, extremely easy and ergonomic to use. The large wheels also make it easy to transport the machine.

The back of the white plastic edge of the 30-20+ has a connection for an extraction hose. The dust can then be easily extracted through the openings in the pad holder. So, if desired, the machine can be used without producing any dust.

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Technical specifications

Working surface 30 x 20 cm/11.8 x 7.9 inch
Weight 17 - 30 kg/37 - 66 lb
Noise 60 dB
Cable length 12 m/39 ft (removable red)
Movement 2850 t/min
Volt/Hz 240 V/50Hz
kW 0,37 Kw
Protection class IPX 54