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Excentr 43

The Excentr 43 combines an eccentric movement with a rotating movement, such as that made by a single- disc machine. This combination of movements, also called an orbital movement, is extremely effective on both hard and soft floors. The Excentr 43 has a variable weight, just like the 55-35 and the 30-20+. The pad pressure can be varied between 40 and 80 kg by adding or removing weights.

Due to the combination of the two movements, there is an optimal mix between balance and extreme cleaning power. The Excentr 43 is very easy and extremely ergonomic to use. Optionally, the machine can be equipped with a spray system. The water, either with or without an additive, is evenly distributed on to the surface in a controlled manner. This is ideal when working on a carpet! The Excentr 43 can be used to clean, strip and polish many different types of floor.

The Excentr 43 has a removable power cable to give you greater flexibility. If the power cable is damaged, you do not need an electrician to replace it.

The Excentr 43 can be used to achieve a modern form of bonnet cleaning. The rotational movement of the traditional single-disc machine pushes all the fibres in one direction. As a result, the cleaning result is not optimal and the carpet becomes more compressed.

Since the Excentr 43 does not only have an orbital rotation of 140 rpm, but also simultaneously makes 1,400 small eccentric rotations of ΓΈ 2.2 cm, the piles are shaken and the microfibre pad scrapes the carpetfibres clean in every direction. This method, therefore, guarantees a cleaner result and greater volume in the fibres.

Since the Excentr 43 makes so many movements in every direction, it is extremely suitable for treating wood. The sanding finish achieved with both coarse- and fine-grain (grit) sandpaper and open-structure grinding discs is very impressive. This machine will also amaze you when sanding between layers and when polishing after a belt sander has been used. The machine can also be used to finish a floor with oil or wax. It distributes the product very well and rubs it in perfectly.

Excentr 43
  • Excentr 43

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Technical specifications

Working surface 43 cm - 17" inch
Weight 40 - 80 kg
Noise 60 dB
Cable length 15 m
Movement 1400 Rpm d=21mm
Volt/Hz 240 V/50Hz
kW 0,75 Kw
Protection class IPX 54