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Excentr 55-35

The Excentr 55-35 is Excentr’s showpiece. Made from stainless steel, it is robust and extremely effective, thanks to the 2,800 circular movements a minute. The perfect balance and the adjustable handle make this machine ergonomic and easy to use. Anybody can operate the machine, even without experience or technical skill.

The pad pressure of the Excentr 55-35 is adjustable between a 37-120 kg/81 - 265 lb. The pad pressure is increased or reduced in 12 kg/26.5 lb steps (one weight of 6 kg/13.3 lb per side).

There are various tools available to make optimal use of the machine’s versatility. For example, the machine can be used with a solution tank, a Splash & Dust Guard, dust extraction for dry operation, etc. The Excentr 55- 35 machines can also be connected to each other. A maximum of three machines can be connected to each other (to create a working width of 165 cm/64.96 inch). There is then no space between the pads. The machine is still ergonomic and can easily be moved by one user.

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Technical specifications

Working surface 55 x 35 cm / 21.6 x 13.8 inch
Weight 40 - 112 kg/88 - 247 lb
Noise 64 dB
Cable length 25 m/82 ft
Movement 2,800 x 7 mm p/m
Volt/Hz 240 V/50Hz
kW 1.1 kW
Protection class IPX54
Motor-to-floor distance 35 cm/13.8 inch
Distance from the handle in the highest position to the floor 125 cm/49.2 inch
Distance from the front of the machine to back of the wheel 63 cm/24.8 inch