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Excentr Daily 35E

The Excentr Daily 35E has been developed specially for the professional expecting great results from a small scrubber/dryer.

The Excentr Daily 35E is equipped with an eccentric scrubbing deck and comes with all
the advantages you will recognise from the Excentr method:
- Highly effective, powerful cleaning results
- Deep cleaning, thanks to short movements, ideal for cleaning joints, non-slip floors etc.
- Cleaning against the edges and in the corners with a rectangular path
- Reduced environmental impact, operating with less water, and few to no chemicals

The hinged handle makes working with Excentr Daily 35E really easy and ergonomic. This hinged handle, along with the flexibility of the suction nozzle, ensures that the machine has short rotations, meaning that it’s also perfect for use in small spaces. Between them the 2,800 rpm and high pad pressure of almost 30 kg produce excellent cleaning power from the Daily 35E, unrivalled by other compact scrubbers.

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Technical specifications

Max power consumption 825 W (50 + 275 + 500)
Vacuum power 500W
Clean/waste water tank 7 litres / 11 litres
Suction/work width 450mm / 350mm
Brush pressure / Brush rotation 18kg / 2800rpm
Cable length 30cm + 15m
Weight (empty) 23kg
Dimensions l/w/h - Bottom section l/w/h 542x450x1100 / 542x350x345